Sunday, January 9, 2011


I just realized I forgot to mention how I'm doing my rating system! Without further ado:

4 stars - LOVE LOVE LOVE wheeeee wheeeeee SUPERB jumping jacks calloo callay AWESOME.
3 - 3.5 stars - The writing and characterization are good going on excellent, the book does what it means to, it has a compelling plot, and I liked it with maybe one or two reservations.
2 - 2.5 stars - The writing/characterization are medium-well to good, the book may miss a mark but overall knows what it's doing, the plot may be a little predictable but still enjoyable, and I have mixed to generally pleased feelings.
1 - 1.5 stars - The writing/characterization are fair, the book is uneven in terms of tone or pacing, the plot is nothin' to write home about, and I have negative feelings.
0 - 0.5 stars - I f***ing hated this book and hope the author's armpits are infested with the fleas of a thousand smelly camels.

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